Sennses™ Pro - Laser Line Attachment

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Transform your Sennses™ Pro into a laser level in seconds with the versatile Laser Line attachment. The laser line attachment emits a 360 degree green beam laser both horizontally and vertically and is powered by the Sennses™ Pro through a USB-C adaptor. The latching system features strong magnets that latch the Sennses™ device securely into place while the optional thumbscrew is also equipped for added security. The Laser Line attachment can be placed on a range of surfaces and also is compatible with the Robbox tripod. The Sennses™ Pro Laser Line attachment features:

  • Precision-machined aluminum construction
  • Horizontal/vetica green beam lasers
  • 360° projection
  • Magnetic latching system
  • Optional thumbscrew
  • USB-C connector

Sennses™ Pro Device NOT INCLUDED.